Exfoliating Bar 120g - Top-Season Essentials
Exfoliating Bar 120g - Top-Season Essentials

Exfoliating Bar 120g

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100% Natural

Bathtime delight
Use 2-3x a week to experience deep skin love at every scrub

✓ Deeply cleanses with loofah scrubs
✓ Cold processed to retain skin-hydrating glycerin
✓ Free from harmful EDTA and BHT
✓ Plastic microbead-free

Choose from all-natural sweet Vanilla or delicious Strawberry scents

Level up on skincare
Our body creates a new layer of skin every 2-4 weeks which emerges as the old top layer of skin sheds off in tiny flakes. As we grow older, shedding slows, making skin feel rough and look dull. Take your bath time basics up a notch by adding an extra step of exfoliating to reveal fresh, smooth skin.

Good news! We are finally but slowly shifting to paper lining to wrap our cleansing bars. You may start receiving our Exfoliating Bar in paper lining soon. Please note that you may still receive our Exfoliating Bar in their classic packaging with the plastic lining while supplies last.