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Professional Salon Care Shampoo

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96.5% Natural

Best for: 
Caring for chemically-treated hair

Vibrant hair color lasts more than 2x vs shampoos with sulfate*

Give your hair the after-color care with fewer visits to the salon with our Professional Salon Care Shampoo.

✓ Sulfate-free cleansers prevent hair color from fading fast
✓ Delivers 3x more moisture than regular shampoos
✓ Softens hair with avocado & sunflower oils and sugar beet extract
✓ Protective actives improve hair elasticity

Now Available: Professional Salon Care Shampoo 180ml (New & Improved Formula)

For longer-lasting color, pair this shampoo with our Professional Salon Care Conditioner.

*Based on a consumer test conducted by Azta Urban Salon among users with color-treated hair

Why go sulfate-free? Most synthetic shampoos use sulfate, a strong detergent that can strip protective oils and pigments from strands. Our Salon Care line is free from sulfates so your hairstyle and color will last longer.